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Shops we miss on our Black Country high streets

It’s fair to say that our poor old high streets have taken rather a battering over the last ten years or more. Pandemics, push-the-button-for-next-day-delivery online stores and the ever-tightening squeeze on disposable income, have pretty much wiped out traipsing around town in the wind and rain. Here at Discover the Black Country, we have been taking a nostalgic look back on the stores we miss the most .


You can’t take a look back without feeling severely forlorn about the loss of our beloved Woolworths. Who could forget a childhood excitedly running up and down the toy aisles desperately counting out pocket money to see if there was enough pennies for a new addition to the soft toy family, or drooling over the pic 'n' mix? The music aisle was a true teen dream with brand spanking new Cd's (Cd's....remember those?!) up on the chart wall. Let's face it, no matter what you wanted you could probably find it in good old Woolies.


Blockbuster video was a true staple of a Saturday night. A family trip could take hours as fresh new films were deliberated over. One would have to be sure to rewind before return and not be late or face a fine!

La Senza

Do you remember the scene in Love Actually where Rowan Atkinson bags up a necklace for the late, great Alan Rickman in a department store? There's a flourish here and a flash there, scented faff and crisp wrapping..... That's exactly how it felt when you went into La Senza, except it made buying a bra absolutely awesome!

The Gadget Shop

From lava lamps and bubble chairs to robot dogs, The Gadget Shop was the most 90s place on earth!


Whether you wanted Kitten Heels or Spice Girl Platforms, Dolcis had them all. It was officially the shop were girls became teens-the epitome of cool began at Dolcis.

Gap and Sweatershop

Anyone who was anyone had a Gap or a Sweatershop jumper! They were an absolute 90s staple without any doubt.

Jane Norman

School kids today won't understand just how cool it was to take your PE kit to school in a Jane Norman carrier bag. The shop that made re-usable carrier bags cool!


From the Christmas collections, to collared shirts, pic 'n' mix, baby clothes and sleep wear, BHS was a solid staple on our high streets. Dependable and affordable and very much missed.

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