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Save your hair this summer

From the best products to use in your hair, to post swimming pool hair disasters, Philippa Wootton has the top tips to protect your hair this summer.

Between sun, sea, sand and a little desperation to go sun kissed lighter, our hair gets a pretty rough deal in the summer months and soft beachy waves just don’t look as good in frazzled, bedraggled hair.

Black Country hairstylist Philippa Wootton has some great advice for keeping your hair more mermaid than Medusa and she certainly knows what she’s talking about, with eighteen years in the business, Philippa has styled for the Clothes Show and is a top wedding stylist.

Before and after with Hair By Philippa

First up STEP AWAY FROM THE LIGHTENING SPRAY! “Its really tempting to go lighter in the sunny months”she says, “but lightening spray as harmless as it seems can seriously frazzle and disintegrate your hair especially if you use any colouring afterwards.”

Her advice is to instead use a hair sunscreen or even use a hat if you are out in strong sunlight and stick to professional hair salons if you want to bleach up that Bob.

Before and after with Hair By Philippa

Salons will use good quality products that won’t damage the hair as much. Indeed, philippa recommends that when looking into hair care in general always stick to a professional product instead of cheap supermarket shampoos “using cheap shampoo and conditioner is like putting washing up liquid on your hair,” she explains “it strips colour and damages follicles. Try using products by Tigi, Bedhead, Wella and lo’real Professional that have been designed to be kind to hair.”

Philippa also suggests getting your hair trimmed regularly. “Once you start getting split ends there’s no going back and you could end up losing more length as it snaps off itself. “

If, like most of us, you can’t wait to get in that pool abroad, then take a couple of minutes to protect your hair first. “Remember before swimming to soak your hair first,” recommends Philippa, “ideally layer leave in conditioner on top as it will help to decrease the amount of drying chlorine and chemicals absorbed by the hair and make sure you shampoo and condition when you get out of the pool.”

If …nightmare….your blonde hair does turn green when swimming, Philippa has good news for you “ the age old wives tale about ketchup really does work! Lather it in and leave it for a couple of minutes before thoroughly washing out and it should neutralise the colour.”

Hair By Philippa

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