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Ow bin ya?

If you love all things Black Country then this is the place for you.

Discover the Black Country was launched in 2021 to promote local business, celebrate local people and share local history. Born out of a dreary lockdown, the blog strives to embrace the epic center of the West Midlands, that gained its name during the industrial revolution when the skies turned black with billowing smoke from forges and factories alike. The area that Queen Victoria was once rumoured to have drawn her carriage curtains against, lest she be forced to look upon it!

Times have changed since then and we now boast some of the most beautiful areas to visit in the country. Wren's Nest National Nature Reserve is now classed as one of the most notable geological locations in the British Isles, Dudley Castle still stands proud - it's rich history an integral part of our tapestry and Himley Country Park offers an island of tranquility for nature lovers and picnic goers alike.

You'll find it all right here, along with a host of helpful links to local businesses and tradesmen whether you're looking for bathrooms or book keepers, dance teachers or days out!

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