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Lisa Tighe Therapy and Coaching

Master NLP Practitioner and Coach Lisa Tighe is passionate about helping people to develop fuller, happier lives, transforming limiting self-beliefs, helping them to move on from past traumas and grow confidence using blended techniques. Boasting a wealth of experience and an accolade of qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis, Lisa has worked with a range of people struggling with mental health conditions such as anxiety and low self-esteem, to some struggling with physical complaints such as eczema.

“In addition, I have 10 years’ experience working with within the local authority with some of the most troubled teenagers in the area,” Lisa says, “I have supported young people with anger issues, drink and drug problems and helped to improve their behaviour in school. Throughout the last year or so we have seen a great increase in the number of young people dealing with issues due to the Covid pandemic and I have been able to apply various techniques to help and support them so that they feel like they have control of their lives again.”

Lisa also offers EFT and recently trained with EFT Master Karl Dawson – one of only 29 EFT Masters worldwide- and hopes to encourage more people to try the therapy.


“EFT – or the Emotional Freedom Technique- is a mind and body tool that clears physical and emotional blocks from your energy system,” she explains. “It is a wonderful alternative treatment and works in a similar way to acupuncture, except that you use your fingers to tap meridian points in areas of the body that energy flows through, whilst focusing on positive affirmations. It can help to reduce stress, conquer fears and phobia’s, help to manage anxiety including panic attacks, help people to deal with trauma, abuse and anger, take control of negative habits and behaviours, increase motivation, help to deal with worry, grief and even offer relief from some physical pain.”

The results are hugely positive, and one only has to take a look at testimonials from Lisa’s previous clients to see that the technique can help to change people’s lives for the better.


Lisa has her own You Tube channel to further explore and explain EFT and regularly updates her blog with helpful hints and tips for better mental health.

To find out more or to book a session with Lisa visit Lisa Tighe Therapy and Coaching .

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